Two types of service platforms – Quotation Based Services and Contact Based Service. In each platform various service providers are associated with ServeHy to Provide the Best Service.

There are no registration charges for client to get registered with Servehy.

ServeHy is among one of the very few websites, which provides a Negotiation Platform between Client and Service Provider to arrive at a Best Possible Service Rate. We help Clients to get registered with no cost and appoint the Service Providers as per their needs and convenience. We are available in almost each and every State of the Country.

In Quotation Based Services, Client has to Place a Service Demand for the Service needed. Client can place one or more service demand at a time. Associated service providers shall quote the Rates / fees and client will see the same. Client shall have an opportunity to compare/discuss/negotiate and then appoint a service provider by paying the final fees to ServeHy. An work order shall be released for the said services and service provider shall complete the service on the date and time as demanded by the client. On successful completion of the service, ServeHy shall pay the service provider his part of payment.

In Contact Based Services, Client shall be able to see the Profile of various service providers on the screen. Client can select the service provider suitable to his needs, contact him directly, get the service and pay the service provider directly. In Contact Based Service Platform, ServeHy shall not be dealing with any type of payment for the service executed.

Service Providers shall have a huge platform to diversify their business upto the extent they wish. Service providers can Register themselves on ServeHy through the link provided and can join in as many services as they wish.

Web Promoters shall have an opportunity to register themselves and help other service providers and web promoters to join the website. Web Promoters can also earn by promoting this website.

Client, Service Provider, Web Promoters all have an opportunity to ‘Get the Best’ for Various home based services.